Sunday, January 26, 2014

Feed Bag Upcycled into Media Bag!

I know, I know, it has been a while for a post!  No excuses, just super busy.  But I have still been making stuff, just not posting it!  So, (cue drum roll) without further ado, here is a new project!  I used the back of a chicken feed bag cut into a 11" x 23" rectangle, lined it with cotton fabric that I ironed on fusible batting and placed it wrong sides together.  Then add the zipper to the top, I followed Whitney Sews 5 minute bag tutorial for the zip (it's on you tube). Place a ribbon or other handle material into the seam inside the bag facing in. Then sew up the sides (don't forget to pull the zipper in half way or you'll cut off your pull!) I serged the seams for a neat finish.  Add embellishments if desired.  Ta dah!


  1. Great, quick project, plus you get to read your bag on the bus. :)

  2. Ha! Ha! Yeah, if your battery dies on your tablet, there's always the bag to read!!