Sunday, July 27, 2014


I am posting a Giveaway to see if anyone is actually reading anything on my blog!!  I will give someone a sweet zippered bag that I have sewn.  In order to enter the Giveaway, you need to post a comment on any of my other posts.  I will draw a name randomly in one week.  Thanks for stopping by and well wishes to you!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Refashioned Dress

So here is the before photo.....ewwwww.  This dress is a size small...really?  It was very baggy, much too long and the sleeves, well let's just say a sad fashion decision.
 First thing is to hack off those sleeves!  Buh-bye!!
Next whack off that length.  Then I took in the sides and I also took in the princess seams a bit.  It was still not fitting well at the top, it was much too low, so I sewed the shoulder seams up a bit.  Then I took red bias binding and stitched it to the armholes and neck line to jazz it up.  Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of me wearing it yet.  I'll get the DH to take one later because it is a sweet little summer dress now!  I purchased this dress at a thrift store for 50 cents.  I already had the bias tape so this little number was cheap!!! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Wreath with fabric flowers and burlap

Another craft by Alicia.  We used some fabric stash, kind of a linen type fabric for some of the flowers and an old sheet for a few others.  We bought the pink and blue burlap and she raided my button stash for the accents.  She also added a few pearls for the center of the flowers.  The wreath was an old one that I stripped  a long time ago and was hanging around in the garage.  So this wreath was pretty cheap to make.  We saw some on Pinterest from Etsy shops that were similar for $70.  Yikes!  Thanks for saving money, Alicia!!!

Bass Stenciled Burlap Canvas

Alicia was home from college and wanted to make crafts.  Thank goodness I had just organized the sewing/craft room so things were easy to find!  She found a graphic of a bass then cut it out on some plastic from a bacon package. (great stencil material) Then she applied spray glue to the stencil and placed it on a burlap canvas from Walmart.  Next she stenciled on paint and used a photo of a bass for color inspiration.  She let it dry for a few hours and peeled off the stencil.  Then she glued rustic looking rope all around for a frame, added a loop held together with twine and added an old lure for the final touch.  It came out really well.  Her fisherman boyfriend better like it!!

Quilt is almost done!

The quilt has been long armed at the quilt store and I have sewn on the binding to the front.  The instructor believes in hand stitching the back of the binding which I believe is the route to go after all this hard work.  I don't want it to look messy on the edge and I just know I would not catch all of that binding with a sewing machine!  So it may take a few evenings to complete.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Making a 4 x 4 square quilt!

I have been taking a quilting class because I knew if I took a class, I would finish a quilt!!!!  I have learned a lot and I'm glad I didn't just tackle it on my own.  I used stash material for the squares so that is keeping my cost down.  It is going to look very scrappy.  The top is done with borders and is now awaiting to be long-armed at the quilt shop.  I am excited to see what it will look like!!  The last thing to do will be the binding...I'm  a little scared!!   I hope I can do it! 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Grocery bag holder/chicken feed bag

Just a simple rectangle cut from gingham fabric then sew on a strip of feed bag.  Make hems for elastic to go through on each end, add a hanger of ribbon and sew it up.  Embellish if desired!  I made this all from stuff I had, so free!!

Barn Wreath from thrifted wreath-Restyle!

 This is the old $.50 thrifted wreath.  Some of the flowers were falling apart and let's face it, fake fruit just never quite looks right.

I took off the icky flowers, fixed a few and tore off those pears!  I fashioned a bow from burlap ribbon and wired on some aluminum horseshoes.  It is now adorning the barn above the door.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Feed Bag Upcycled into Media Bag!

I know, I know, it has been a while for a post!  No excuses, just super busy.  But I have still been making stuff, just not posting it!  So, (cue drum roll) without further ado, here is a new project!  I used the back of a chicken feed bag cut into a 11" x 23" rectangle, lined it with cotton fabric that I ironed on fusible batting and placed it wrong sides together.  Then add the zipper to the top, I followed Whitney Sews 5 minute bag tutorial for the zip (it's on you tube). Place a ribbon or other handle material into the seam inside the bag facing in. Then sew up the sides (don't forget to pull the zipper in half way or you'll cut off your pull!) I serged the seams for a neat finish.  Add embellishments if desired.  Ta dah!