Sunday, June 30, 2013

Feed Bag Tote

I whipped this up in under an hour.  These bags are great to recycle and make very strong tote bags.  I ripped a long piece of coordinating fabric about 6 inches wide, ironed and starched it, folded it in half (wst) and ironed it then fold in each side to the fold and iron.  Pin onto the top.  Make some handles the same way but stitch each long side.  Place the handles under the top piece and pin in place at the bottom.  Pin them facing down towards the inside of the bag.  Fold them up and pin to the top of the top piece.  Sew all the way around the top and the bottom of the piece.  add some embellishments if you like.

Here is how I finished the inside.  Just sew the bottom closed (rst) and fold over twice  then stitch down.  Then box the corners.  I sewed mine across about 6 inches. 

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