Thursday, June 13, 2013

Comments Anyone?

If you like a posting and it gives you inspiration, please comment.  I am not that techie so I don't know if there is some kind of hindrance to allowing comments because I rarely get one but many people visit this site.  Insight please?

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  1. This is an interesting subject to me. I pay attention to comments that people leave on others' posts. Some have hundreds of Followers but get only 1 or 2 comments; others get comments even if their post entry is "Today is Tuesday".

    Those two above are extremes obviously, but what about the others? It takes time to write a post, especially if detailed and loaded with pics. It also takes time for people to read it, then more time to comment.

    I've noticed that those bloggers who take the time to post a reply to comments seem to continually get comments. They don't necessarily do this with every comment, but perhaps every few, even if it's just "Thank you for commenting." This probably is human's desire to be recognized in some way.

    If readers take the time to comment, they like to know that the author has read the comments and appreciates them.

    Inspiration from blogging? Mine comes from reading others' blogs, but it could be just to see the latest from them, or a good laugh. Being one step above "computer illiterate", it makes me happy when I see that a pic I have uploaded has actually appeared on my post. LOL