Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jax and Me!

He is still a bit damp in this picture because he had to get a bath for the photo!  He is such a gelding, loves to roll in the dirt!  I think my hair could be called sorrel colored!

Coating the Chicken Coop


Here is the DH and his brother  coating the chicken coop roof with Elastoromic so it won't leak and melt their "precious" flock block!  Yes, my DH used the backhoe for a ladder!  I am happy to report that the coop is now much drier and the flock block has not melted since!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Finally, Bananas!

I planted this free banana tree about a year ago.  I was wondering when it would ever flower!!  Luckily, the branch fell right in a fork so I don't have to prop up the crop!

Embroidered Kitchen Towel with a Rooster!

I finally had time to mess around with my Bernette Deco 600 machine.  44 minutes later.....ta da!!  I changed some of the colors,(because I didn't have the exact colors and who's gonna know?) and it embroidered without a hitch!!!  Thanks to the DH that fixed my mail order generic hoops that didn't work because the screws stuck out too far and caused the hoop to not set into the grooves.  He used a dremmel tool to skim down the screws and yay!!!! Fixed!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CVS Coupon Deal

Wow!  I just got 5 Fructis styling products and 6 bags of M & M's for $6.00!  CVS has most of their Fructis products 3 for 9 dollars.  Then if you buy 5 products, you get $5in  CVS bucks.  I used 5 $1 coupons for Fructis.  Then CVS has M & M's BOGO free.  I used 2 buy 2 get one free coupons so all six packs were free!!  I am going to get some more Fructis coupons and go back and use my CVS bucks and get 5 more products for $0, because I'll get another $5 CVS bucks reward!!!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Feed Bag Clutch

With the leftover bag material, I made this lined clutch with a zipper.  I followed a tutorial that uses the sandwich method for putting it together.  I then added a flower embellishment made by taking a length of material that has been ripped on at least one long side, sewing a basting stitch on and  leaving the ripped side to the outside then pull the thread to gather it and stitch together.  Then I added a button to the middle and sewed the whole thing onto the clutch.  I added a bit of ribbon to the zipper pull too.
Here is the inside, oops, a bit blurry, but you  get it!

Feed Bag Tote

I whipped this up in under an hour.  These bags are great to recycle and make very strong tote bags.  I ripped a long piece of coordinating fabric about 6 inches wide, ironed and starched it, folded it in half (wst) and ironed it then fold in each side to the fold and iron.  Pin onto the top.  Make some handles the same way but stitch each long side.  Place the handles under the top piece and pin in place at the bottom.  Pin them facing down towards the inside of the bag.  Fold them up and pin to the top of the top piece.  Sew all the way around the top and the bottom of the piece.  add some embellishments if you like.

Here is how I finished the inside.  Just sew the bottom closed (rst) and fold over twice  then stitch down.  Then box the corners.  I sewed mine across about 6 inches. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Western Show Shirt Tutorial Part I

Okay.  I am finally getting around to posting this.  I hope that this tutorial will help some of you make your own show shirt and save yourself a bunch of mula!
You will need a pattern such as Suitability #3820.
Then select some stretchy, lycra type material for the body of the shirt and a satin type material for the collar, facing, and cuffs.  You will also need a separating zipper, thread to match and any embellishments you may need.
Cut out the pattern, lay it out on the fabric and cut out according to the pattern except for the facing which I cut out larger on the sides so that it shows on each side of the zipper.
Cut out iron on interfacing for the cuffs, collar, and facings.  Cut the corners of the interfacing off so that the corners will be crisp on both the collar and the cuffs.
When ironing on the interfacing, use a press cloth over the fabric so that the interfacing a.). doesn't stick to the iron or ironing board. b.) doesn't cause a sheen to your fabric.

The interfacing for the facings should not cover the inside fabric by about 1 inch.  This is so that when you place the zipper in, a bit of the facing will show from the outside acting much like a bit of piping.  The Suitability pattern does not instruct this, but I think it's a nice look and adds more stability to the shirt.
Don't forget to use a press cloth to iron on the interfacing. 

You will also need to stabilize the wrong side of the body of the shirt with a length of interfacing where the zipper will be sewn.  Now you have all the pieces ready to sew.  Part II will be sewing the shirt.  I hope this part has been helpful to you. 

Tea Bag Wallet

I made a bunch of these tea bag wallets and gave them all away except this one.  I should have taken some photos of all of them but here is the one that I kept.  I found the pattern for this here

It's a handy item to take to work or travel.  Next time I will make the loop a bit smaller so that it is a more snug fit on the button.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Comments Anyone?

If you like a posting and it gives you inspiration, please comment.  I am not that techie so I don't know if there is some kind of hindrance to allowing comments because I rarely get one but many people visit this site.  Insight please?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Western Chaps Resized DIY

 Adding some width to western chaps is easier than you think.
 Take the zipper half without the pull off the chaps with a seam ripper.  Then sew super wide elastic to that side of the chaps.  Make sure you turn under the elastic at each short end and sew a hem first. 
 Then sew the zipper half that you took off to the elastic.  See how much extra width it adds?
 Basic essentials plus a leather needle and quilting thread for your sewing machine.
Here's what it will look like before you let the fringe fall!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wheelbarrow Herb Garden

Don't throw out your old wheelbarrow!  Reuse it for an herb garden.

Horsehair Bracelet

I made this out of our beloved mare's tail hair.  She passed away in October.  This is a three strand braid.  I have a lot more hair so I am going to try a 5 strand next.

Bag Garden

This is the first time I am using this method of gardening, but it seems to be working!  Cut the top out of a bag of topsoil, poke holes through the bottom, add some organic fertilizer, till it in, then add your plant(s).  The bugs have stayed away and the plants are growing great!

Monday, February 11, 2013

These dresses are made from candy wrappers!  I guess I might have to eat some chocolate!!!!!

A Girl and Her Horse

So here is my dd and her friend Bunny.  We lost Bunny in October, she was a very fine horse with a great personality and cared for her girl.  She is missed very much.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

We tried to save this little bird.  It survived for a few days, but eventually succumbed to injuries .  I think it was a phobe.

Zipper bags

These bags were really fun to make.  They can be made in a variety of sizes and can be made from scrap material and thrifted zippers.  Just make a rectangular quilt sandwich, free motion quilt all over it, put on one side of the zipper, then the other, sew up the sides, box the corners, (don't forget to unzip the zipper so you can turn it, I learned the hard way!) and you're done!  I made the large one for my dd to use in her car for miscellaneous stuff, the small one is for my neice for a card set, and the pink one is for my car!