Sunday, January 26, 2014

Feed Bag Upcycled into Media Bag!

I know, I know, it has been a while for a post!  No excuses, just super busy.  But I have still been making stuff, just not posting it!  So, (cue drum roll) without further ado, here is a new project!  I used the back of a chicken feed bag cut into a 11" x 23" rectangle, lined it with cotton fabric that I ironed on fusible batting and placed it wrong sides together.  Then add the zipper to the top, I followed Whitney Sews 5 minute bag tutorial for the zip (it's on you tube). Place a ribbon or other handle material into the seam inside the bag facing in. Then sew up the sides (don't forget to pull the zipper in half way or you'll cut off your pull!) I serged the seams for a neat finish.  Add embellishments if desired.  Ta dah!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jax and Me!

He is still a bit damp in this picture because he had to get a bath for the photo!  He is such a gelding, loves to roll in the dirt!  I think my hair could be called sorrel colored!

Coating the Chicken Coop


Here is the DH and his brother  coating the chicken coop roof with Elastoromic so it won't leak and melt their "precious" flock block!  Yes, my DH used the backhoe for a ladder!  I am happy to report that the coop is now much drier and the flock block has not melted since!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Finally, Bananas!

I planted this free banana tree about a year ago.  I was wondering when it would ever flower!!  Luckily, the branch fell right in a fork so I don't have to prop up the crop!

Embroidered Kitchen Towel with a Rooster!

I finally had time to mess around with my Bernette Deco 600 machine.  44 minutes later.....ta da!!  I changed some of the colors,(because I didn't have the exact colors and who's gonna know?) and it embroidered without a hitch!!!  Thanks to the DH that fixed my mail order generic hoops that didn't work because the screws stuck out too far and caused the hoop to not set into the grooves.  He used a dremmel tool to skim down the screws and yay!!!! Fixed!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CVS Coupon Deal

Wow!  I just got 5 Fructis styling products and 6 bags of M & M's for $6.00!  CVS has most of their Fructis products 3 for 9 dollars.  Then if you buy 5 products, you get $5in  CVS bucks.  I used 5 $1 coupons for Fructis.  Then CVS has M & M's BOGO free.  I used 2 buy 2 get one free coupons so all six packs were free!!  I am going to get some more Fructis coupons and go back and use my CVS bucks and get 5 more products for $0, because I'll get another $5 CVS bucks reward!!!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Feed Bag Clutch

With the leftover bag material, I made this lined clutch with a zipper.  I followed a tutorial that uses the sandwich method for putting it together.  I then added a flower embellishment made by taking a length of material that has been ripped on at least one long side, sewing a basting stitch on and  leaving the ripped side to the outside then pull the thread to gather it and stitch together.  Then I added a button to the middle and sewed the whole thing onto the clutch.  I added a bit of ribbon to the zipper pull too.
Here is the inside, oops, a bit blurry, but you  get it!